Bogus Marriage (Citizenship)

Prostitution Marriage

In 2000 I met what I truly believed to be my soul mate. A woman from the Philippines, a devote Christian, with a firm belief in family values. She was my ideal. Although there is so much to tell I will keep it brief and to the main points. In 2002 we married there, in Davao City. After several visits and getting to know each other well. In 2004 she came to this country, we settled in to our new home there was love and laughter cuddles and conversation, and in 2005 we had a son John Michael, he was my greatest wish come true, and the biggest thrill in my life, I could not envisage a single day without him, and every day I could not wait to get home to be with him. From the first month we started sending money to the Philippines to support her family and invest in a future for ourselves, (A Palm Tree Plantation) this was the agreed deal that we will eventually go back there as a family to live. And that is a very good future for us. But all this went sour not long after she gained her UK citizenship, in 2009, she became demanding, threatening and even aggressive, and by using our son to manipulate me into sending increasing amounts of money to the Philippines, the arguments escalated to a point where I could no longer cope with the distress, it effected my job my life and my purpose. In 2008 she took a bank loan for £7,500, which made our own finances suffer, this went to the Philippines, (she says for our future). In February of 2011 she left the marital home and moved in with a black guy. Since then I have not seen my son due to her false allegations of unreasonable behaviour. I have recently gone through a PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY COURSE FOR MENTAL CRUELTY. I no longer see my son, and this hurts too much every day is the same I wake up crying I go to sleep crying. I know she never intended to stay married. Now all I do is grieve. I am 56 years old now. And although when we first met my age did not matter. But now she refers to me as THE GULLIBLE OLD GIT. The real purpose of this is for her to keep my investment in the land in the Philippines. And of course the benefit of her family. And by using false allegations of domestic violence. The main victim in all of this is a young boy who has been separated from his father, and all for the sake of a visa, and financial gain.
I have been victimised by this woman and the courts, since February of 2011. I have suffered imprisonment for my emails begging her to tell the truth, but she will not speak up, for fear of reprisals by the court system. How many more years must I wait for a remedy? How many petitions must I continue to sign? How many more internet sites must I join to make my voice heard? How many letters must I write to my MP? How many voices does it take for the British Government to take up this cause?
The courts took her words (on paper) as gospel, they erred on the side of caution, imposed a non-molestation order , and refused to accept my argument about fake marriage and my protests at her lies, and non-evidenced allegations.
Fraud is a crime……………. Marriage is not an immigration deal………………A child should never be used as a weapon.
John Brookes. Walsall, West Midlands. UK
Patino Family House
43b Kamagong, Catleya Street, Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City. 8000. Philippines
Marriage Fraudconception








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